Here is a brief list of links to some of my writing:

  • Financial PostAd Missions (A collection of brief television advertising critiques I wrote for the National Post over a period of several months.)
  • Marketing MagazineThe Slippery Nature of Cool (This essay explores the relationship between coolness and branding. Link to PDF file.)
  • Marketing MagazineTracking the Tribes (This essay uncovers the close historical relationship between anthropology and marketing and provides a glimpse into the pioneering work in this area of anthropologist Lloyd Warner. Link to PDF file.)
  • The Globe and MailLucky No. 7. (Feature book review of Sally Hogshead’s business best-seller Fascinate!. Link to PDF file.)
  • The Curious Case of NickelbackThe Mark (A look at why music critics reportedly hate Billboard’s “Band of the Decade”.
  • The Culture Theories of Wyndham Lewis and T. S. Eliot  (Book chapter in Wyndham Lewis and the Cultures of Modernity, Ashgate Publishing.)
  • From Primitive To Pop (Book chapter on the contemporary popular music of indigenous hunting and gathering peoples, in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Hunters and Gatherers, Cambridge University Press.)


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