Shakespeares in the the Ghetto: The Art and Economics of Serbian Hip Hop


I have written a feature essay on Serbian hip hop for the inaugural issue of Peeps, a new Canadian magazine which tracks global cultural trends. The editors call it anthropology for non-anthropologists. The first issue is titled The Modern Protagonist, and focuses on technology. Peeps is a quality production with only propriety, commissioned images not found on the internet.

Last summer I went to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, to do some fieldwork. I was driven to know why this music existed there and why it was so excellent. My essay explores the aesthetics and social context of hip hop music and the hip hop subculture. It is complemented by photographs taken by AP photojournalist Marko Drobnjakovic, known for his stark documentation of the wars in Iraq and more recently of the plight of refugees in Europe. His foray into Serbian hip hop was a first for Marko.

Peeps is available online and in more and more bookstores. ST-smoking

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