Links to some of my writing

Ayahuasca: Vine of the Soul (ethnographic film review), Anthropologica

The Curious Case of Nickelback (why music critics hate Billboard's "Band of the Decade"), The Mark

The Anthropology of Wyndham Lewis (analysis of the non-fiction writings of the great artist and writer), Wyndham Lewis Annual

The Culture Theories of Wyndham Lewis and T. S. Eliot  (book chapter), in Wyndham Lewis and the Cultures of Modernity (Ashgate)

From Primitive To Pop (book chapter on the contemporary popular music of indigenous hunter-gatherer peoples), in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Hunters and Gatherers

The Slippery Nature of Cool (explores the relationship between coolness and branding), Marketing Magazine

Tracking the Tribes (uncovers the close historical relationship between anthropology and marketing and provides a glimpse into the pioneering work of anthropologist Lloyd Warner), Marketing Magazine

Lucky No. 7 (feature book review of Sally Hogshead's business best-seller Fascinate!, The Globe and Mail

Ad Missions (series of advertising critiques) Financial Post /National Post


Researcher (and writer) for Emmy Award-winning, 10-part PBS/BBC documentary film series Millennium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World and the companion volume by Viking Penguin. Since it was first broadcast Millennium has become an international classic film series, a staple of specialty documentary channels and university classrooms. The theme music was composed by Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer.